We don't have a 'Take Out' Counter, but we do have a great 'TaitOut' service


Here at Maison Tait House, we understand that you may not always be able to join us for lunch or dinner at the house.  We recognize as well that busy lifestyles also may affect good eating habits at work or at home. 

To assist you at better managing meal times and meal preparations we have created our very own ‘TAITOUT’ office and home service.

By simply contacting us to let us know what you wish us to prepare, we will do the rest for you to pick up at an appointed time.

For lunch: most of our lunch menu is available for TAITOUT on 2hrs notice.

For dinner: selections will be featured weekly on this page of meals available for TAITOUT.  24 hr notice is best. So order tomorrow night’s dinner, today.

For home services: let’s meet and discuss the number and the types of meals you would like us to prepare and the price you wish to pay.  These meals are readied for you to cook at home.  

From our salads, lunch fares and full dinners, we are here to serve you, the great people of our communities.  

Contact us at 506-532-4233 for all the details.

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