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Here is today's dinner menu

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From the Garden

Our Executive Chef’s ‘Lobster Caesar’ signature salad - $14

Select lobster knuckles and claws are tossed in Romaine lettuce, celery, bacon and croutons, served chilled with Caesar dressing and Parmesan  

Waldorf salad - $12

New York’s Waldorf-Astoria’s unique recipe circa 1896 mixes apples, grapes, walnuts, celery in a chive aioli on Boston lettuce

Our Back of the House salad - $11.50

Springmix with watermelon and feta cheese cubes
served chilled and drizzled with our balsamic vinaigrette 

Mini cheese board (for 2) - $11 (for 4) - $19

Great as an appetizer, Chef Gilles presents a selection of International and Canadian cheeses served on a mini wood board with selected crackers 

From the Bread Box

half baguette (for 2) - $3.50  full (for 4) - $6.50

Our oven warmed baguettes will be brought to your table on a bread board with our in house specialtybutter cup 

From our Shores

The ‘Lobster Crisp™’ - $12

Our Executive Chef’s signature appetizer of seasoned lobster knuckles & claws with celery bits and mayo is served on 3 gourmet crackers

Cast iron pan seared Digby scallops in thyme butter - $14 

These jewels of the sea are served on our Executive Chef’s ‘sauce vièrge’ of ripened tomato, red onion, scallions, virgin oil, fresh basil and lemon  

The traditional shrimp cocktail - $12.50

Jumbo sized shrimps served with cocktail sauce

House exclusive: ‘See-Food’ chowder - $7 / $12

This creamy blend brings together haddock, scallops, shrimp and lobster, potatoes and the house’s herb secrets, served in 4 or 8 oz servings

The Bootlegger’s ‘Drunken’ mussels - $15

A generous portion (20-22) of mussels pan seared
in our Executive Chef’s herbed white wine sauce

From the Cooking Pot

The chef’s signature ‘Pear and Parsnip’- $12

This incredibly creamy soup is served with our in house baked croutons and a sprig of thyme

The bootlegger's feature from the soup pot $10.50

These selections change daily allowing you to taste down home favorites

From the Vegetable Patch

The house’s ‘Lasagna Florentine’– $23.50

Prepared with marinara sauce with fresh lasagna sheets, Ricotta spinach, Portobello mushrooms, Mozzarella, Provolone and Parmesan cheeses


                    The entrées 

The House  Feature from the Carving Station

Chef Gilles’ signature ‘Prime Rib’ roast - $29.95

Slow roasted to perfection, the beef is seasoned with our house blend of spices and carved 10 oz from ‘oven to plate’, served with ‘les à côtés’ du jour and a dewdrop of our Executive Chef’s red wine sauce

timmy's cut - $27.95   Thicker than the usual (12 oz)

From the back of the Kitchen

Chef Gilles’ classic ‘Lobster Rolls’ (2) for $25.50

The lobster meat is chilled to perfection; served the traditional way with our chef’s gourmet potato salad and garlicky cucumber

'A taste of Shediac: where the lobster rolls'

From the Grill

Le ‘Steak Mignon’ - $35.50

An impeccably marbled Sterling Silver® eye filet of beef ‘Tenderloin’, grilled and served with ‘les à côtés’ du jour' 

The classic ‘Surf and Turf’ - $44.50

Our Sterling Silver® grilled ‘Filet Mignon’ joins our roasted garlic oil baked lobster tail with ‘les à côtés’ du jour' 

The executive feature 

Chef Gilles’ choice of other cuts of beef such as rib eye or New York cut steaks, or pork chops are featured and grilled to your liking served with ‘les à côtés’ du jour'

From the Ovens

The lobster tail - $14

This lobster tail can be added with any entrée, baked with roasted garlic oil 

Gourmet Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken - $27.50

Executive Chef Gilles’ seasoned chicken breast filets, with asparagus center all wrapped with prosciutto served with ‘les à côtés’ du jour

The house’s ‘Maple Bacon’ salmon filet’ - $21.50

Our maple bacon seasoning is featured on this pan seared then baked filet of salmon, served with ‘les à côtés’ du jour '


From Lisa's dessert cart

The Tait House team’s sweet choices $10.50 - $12.50

Our staff will invite you to choose from our Chef’s daily selections

Our dining rooms are set with tables of 2, 4 and 6 - Nos salles à manger sont réglées avec des tables de 2, 4 et 6.

Thank you and bon appétit!

We invite you to a nightcap at the Moonshine Bar & Martini Lounge    

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